About us

Capstone Development Group specialises in the development and sale of carefully selected residential and commercial real-estate projects at prime locations in Belgium and abroad. We strive to create sustainable living environments today, which contribute to a greener future.

"We create today's sustainable living environments globally, contributing to a greener future"

"Sustainability and customer orientation are the core values with which every project contributes to a better future for both user and environment"

  • Low energy & passive projects
  • Sustainability certified finishing materials
  • Ecolabel collaboration partners
  • Smaller footprint, greater quality of life
  • Creating a healthier future living environment

"Building sustainable relationships, our buyers experience a dedicated and committed approach throughout the entire project"

  • Personal approach and customeroriented
  • High finishing budgets
  • Individual guidance tailored to your needs
  • Followup until well after delivery
  • Sustainable relationships


Our organisation consists of a multidisciplinary team of ambitious and experienced people with a similar vision and drive. Their knowledge, creativity and passion are the basis for our successful and sustainable projects. By collaborating with committed architects, design offices and building partners that share our philosophy, everyone contributes to the ‘added value’ of a project, in his own field.

" To us, a development is not a pile of bricks, but the creation of a sustainable living environment where every smallest detail contributes to the bigger picture"